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About Us

Circells is a leading global telecommunication service provider, offering a complete range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions designed to meet the ever changing needs of Fixed and Mobile Operators, ISPs, OTTs, Media & Content Players, Application Service Providers and Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

As the international service provider the company utilizes private direct connections both domestically and internationally by using fiber and satellite networks.

Circells has been established on June 1, 2008 with the objective of developing and consolidating global voice solutions business.

Through a global portfolio of services, a state-of-the-art global network, advanced OSS, BSS and customer care capabilities, we are able to fulfill our mission of providing customers with the best cost and top performance services in the international telecommunications market.

With a truly global dimension and a local outlook, our dedicated professionals stay close to our customers to understand their needs and ensure they receive the very best service.

We are licensed services-based operator, with the ultimate goal of providing international voice termination and data services, software development, and mobile application services worldwide.

We are using proven IP-based infrastructure and highly equipped back-office system to serve Fixed Carriers, Prepaid Calling Card Providers, Mobile Operators, Voice over Broadband Providers, Wholesale VOIP Carriers, and that gives the quality you expect from us.

We at Circells always look forward to build our relationship with new partners/carriers which will give a great value proposition to both the companies.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to become your preferred supplier of telecom platforms for VoIP and TDM solutions

Our mission is to provide our customers with simple, easy-to-use and cost-effective IP / VoIP solutions that meet their business communications objectives.

Our Services

Circells offers voice and messaging services to carriers and retail operators Voice Termination

During many years the priorities of Circells company have been to provide our partners with a high quality voice termination.

Quality is key Point to any outbound or inbound call and agents love having a clear and stable line. Based on this we had creating different routing table as below.

Standard A-Z routing

A routing table with many direct wholesale suppliers for such regions as Europe, CIS, ME, Africa and Asia

Premium routing table

A routing table with the destinations routed through direct suppliers only - white CLI routes, that is why A-Z is not provided

Call shop A-Z routing table

A routing table, where traffic is terminated only through Tier1/Tier2 telecoms connected by TDM where the CLI and fax support are guaranteed


Hosted telephony is a revolutionary innovation that can take your business to the next level. But when you decide to invest in your future, make sure you choose a reliable VoIP provider that works with you and provides uninterrupted service at a reasonable cost. This is the Circells promise!

Circells has been providing IT services and expresses an excellent confirmation of our commitment and focus on quality. In addition, the inclusion of CRM services is a proof of our desire to provide our customers with the all in one packaged service. Our aim is to present you with a level of highly sophisticated business and information technology integration. Allow us to help you explore more feasible and sustainable solutions for your business. Our representatives are standing by. Call us if you would like to know more.


Quality verified SMS Outbound global coverage options, all at excellent prices. Short Codes and Long Numbers to meet all of your Inbound & Outbound messaging needs. Quick and easy connections via an SMPP protocol to Enable SMS messaging directly into your application through one of our representative will Manage Messaging Platform for campaign management, real-time reporting, and SMS 1 & 2-Way communications

DID Services

DID services which make low-cost direct inward dialling numbers available in over 30 countries, so providers can easily and economically leverage expanded inbound calling capabilities from a single, centralized location. We maintain strategic alliances with numerous international and regional carriers that enable us to aggregate and allocate large blocks of local and international numbers, and dynamically forward the calls using our powerful VoIP network.

Switching Services

Circells Switching services has an advanced routing capabilities that allow providers to seamlessly deliver cost-effective cross-network voice and data solutions. Our cutting-edge, carrier-grade equipment offers rapid, scalable, multi-protocol and reliable point-to-point and multi-point connectivity with leading international and domestic carriers around the world.

Voice over IP technology plays an increasingly important role in the telecom industry and we are trying hard to meet the challenges by offering high level IP interconnections. SIP has become very popular nowadays and we widely use this elegant protocol in our network, but we still fully support the first official VoIP protocol - H.323.Whichever VoIP protocol you choose to get interconnected with us (SIP, H.323, DSS1 or SS7), our highly qualified technical staff will make it work to get the best results and provide the maximum qualitative voice transmission via the network of WorldHubTelekom.


Prepaid platform services & Mobile Top up

Design & Deployment of Routers

IPBX-HD Voice & Virtual POP Services

Internationl Traffic Management for merging Telecommunication Markets

Hubbing Services

Web Designing Services

Why Us

We are helping customers cut costs and boost productivity with a flexible and scalable business phone solution that lets you connect anywhere, anytime. Never miss a call again!

  • Flexible Routing System

  • Dedicated Channel Manager, engineering and sales suliport

  • Hosted PBX Solution that simplifies your business, reduces cost and increases work productivity

  • Risk-free with no-upfront investment and no sales quotas

  • On-demand product training to maximize your knowledge base

  • Opportunity to leverage the experts in the business as we revolutionize the hosted cloud communications industry

  • Fully featured Client Portfolio to accommodate the many requirements customers face.

  • We only use the best-in-class equipment and provide a complete management of all the traffic running through our network.

The continued success of the Circells Channel Program has helped us become one of the fastest growing companies in globe. With Pre-sales support, channel integrity, customer retention, and training opportunities are some of the reasons.

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